Coronavirus cure may be possible by natural remedies

As of now, there is no remedy for COVID19 except one-week isolation & during isolation many patients who don’t recover goes for ventilators, and unfortunately, most on ventilators passed away as fatality rate after reaching the ventilators stage is very high. So the point is while following WHO/Government advice of 1-week isolation, maintaining social distance … Read more

Natural Home Remedies for Cough Relief

Ideally the best method to treat cough is to identify what exactly is the root cause of your cough and then take action accordingly. For example your cough may be because of food allergies or may be because of some infection in the respiratory track or may be because of acid reflux or may be … Read more

High sugar intake side effects

According to a new study by University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer, higher sugar intake which already linked to risks of diabetes and obesity can also cause breast and lung cancer.┬áResearches found that sugary diet is more likely to lead to breast cancer development because of the inflammation of the mammary gland as the cause. … Read more

Apple wax coating neither healthy nor tasty

Next time when you are in the fruits market or supermarket and you see the glittering/shining apples than stop for a moment because the glittering apples may not be naturally shining instead shining because of the the layers of wax coating on it and eating those waxed apples could do more harm than benefits. Apples … Read more