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Coronavirus cure may be possible by natural remedies

As of now, there is no remedy for COVID19 except one-week isolation & during isolation many patients who don’t recover goes for ventilators, and unfortunately, most on ventilators passed away as fatality rate after reaching the ventilators stage is very high.

So the point is while following WHO/Government advice of 1-week isolation, maintaining social distance and regularly washing hands, why not boost your immune system with the help of natural herbs which are found in Indian kitchen in abundance to fight back against COVID19.  Main benefit of nature cure is that they don’t have any side effects and also available for free and in addition if your immune system is stronger you wouldn’t fall sick in the first place.  The following 2 case studies not only prove the above point but also confirm the healing power of freely available natural herbs.

Two Case studies of successful recovery included. The first patient had all the MILD+ CRITICAL symptoms of Coronavirus (also doctors looking after the case gave up) & the second had mild symptoms of Coronavirus. Many of the natural remedies are also mentioned which were used.

Case Study 1:  Patient age 74,   symptoms both mild & critical of COVID 19, 6 doctors were consulted before and after they gave up, natural remedies were used.  In this research study, I have initially used allopathic medicines for almost 2 months, prescribed by various mainstream eminent doctors to cure high fever 104F, severe dry cough, pneumonia, pleural effusion, breathing difficulties and found them to be ineffective except the paracetamol which helped bring down the high temperature for some time and gave me the time to heal the patient with natural remedies.

Pneumonia Age-74-Pleural-effusion-Lungs-filled-with-water
Diagnosed as Pneumonia Age-74-Pleural-effusion-Lungs-filled-with-water on 22nd Jan 2020

Coronavirus cure news update:

If you have been infected with Coronavirus and feeling worried it is natural because of the fear which has been generated by various news from across the world & precautionary advisory from the various governments which of course has been given in good faith.

The news which I am publishing here is that Coronavirus cure or any other virus cure or any bacteria cure is definitely possible with the help of natural remedies and before explaining the curing steps I would briefly put some evidence here.

Evidence with research:
Below is the case of a patient age 74 years who had many symptoms which Coronavirus patients have, such as:
Very high fever,
Severe Dry Cough,
Breathing difficulty,
Pneumonia /Pleural effusion (water-filled in lungs)
and in addition, a severe case of Asthma where inhalers stop being effective, arthritis, muscle pain, joints pain, insomnia, fatigue, diarrhea, etc) & successfully recovered only with the help of natural remedies.

Prescription 1 Patient age 74 Antibiotics for fever
Prescription 1 Patient age 74 Antibiotics for fever

On 21st Dec 2019 constant high fever 104 F was detected, various prescribed antibiotics along with paracetamols suggested by eminent doctors in India were taken (such as Goodcef cv 200, Augmentin 625 Duo, Deriphyllin Retard 300, Ceftum 250, Calpol, etc) to get rid of fever, but unfortunately/fortunately fever didn’t go away.

The fever would come down to 100 F or 101F after taking medicine but would come back to 104F within 6 to 7 hours.

Blood report done on 30th Dec 2019 and TLC was very high which explained the high fever in addition platelet count was also very high.

Although generally when TLC is high because of high fever, the platelet count is low, however, in this case, platelet count was very high.

Initial CBC Blood report patient age 74 dated 30122019
Initial CBC Blood report patient age 74 dated 30122019


Later Pneumonia course was completed twice on the advice of allopathic doctors with tablets such as Azithromycin and later with tablet Claribid 500mg for the next 5 days but fever, cough and other symptoms didn’t go away & TLC still high & the patient continues to suffer.

Prescription 3 for Pneumonia
Prescription 3 for Pneumonia

Finally, I stopped all the medicines except paracetamol to keep the fever down & numerous natural remedies were incorporated which I have researched over the years.

I am happy to announce that the patient has recovered from the fever and TLC has also come under normal range.

Final blood report reflecting normal TLC below.

I firmly believed that Coronavirus or any other virus/bacteria can be successfully treated with natural remedies because I was told by eminent Homeopathy and Allopathic doctors that there is no medicine to dry the water in the lungs, and the situation is very critical and very heavy dose of antibiotics must be given with the help of injections + ventilators in a hospital or the patient may not survive.

(Now please note here I am in no way criticizing western medical science because I do believe western medical science has its own importance and natural remedies can work as complementary to allopathy medicine.

Also, there are many situations where allopathy science /western medical science is a life savior). It’s, in this case, I find natural remedies played an important part (as per my research which I can further prove if needed).

Final Blood Report 7th March 2020 TLC normal range
Final Blood Report 7th March 2020 TLC normal range

Please note: Many testing reports were done during the course of treatment but I have added in this news only a few just to make a point. In case the government organizations/ research institutions/media outlets need any more info that can be provided.

Natural remedies used for preventing and curing Coronavirus symptoms:

Step 1:

I discovered that in our kitchen there are many freely available natural ingredients which when taken in the morning, become very powerful to fight any virus & bacteria by boosting your immunity. It’s like (bulletproof cover) you are drinking harmful virus/bacteria proof drink with no side effects.

For example, the following are some of the ways which can make the immune system stronger, although when treating the patient we mix specific natural remedies in specific quantities as per the patient condition to get maximum benefits.

Honey can make the immune system better and also helps in reducing cough 

Turnip is beneficial for bones, skin and immune system 

Turmeric numerous benefits for health

Black pepper (kali Mirch) amazing benefits & side effects

Basil (Tulsi) benefits for the health

More remedies in the second case below.

Step 2:

Some of the natural foods also contain antibiotics & antiviral properties although not as high quantities as in allopathic medicine and that is one of the reasons many people don’t see instant results with natural remedies. However, the positive point is that natural food has virtually no side effects & they kill only harmful bacteria and viruses. The key here is to understand the different natural food medicinal properties as they were successfully used in this case to treat critical symptoms of coronavirus.

Step 3:

Everyday detoxify your body and patients can recover very fast. In addition, it’s important to maintain positivity because worries and anxiety will weaken your immune system.

I suggest at least 10 minutes daily meditation but you may have any other activity which may cheer up your mood. Similarly, it’s good to have a morning walk for fitness and releasing stress hormones when the sun is rising.

Now I understand that in the West and in India there is a complete lockdown in many places by governments on the suggestion of WHO, so I don’t say you should violate government rules in any way because those rules have been suggested in good faith (although WHO still don’t have any solution) but I don’t really see any harm in sunbathing provided you maintain the safe distance and have the face mask and wash your hands regularly. 

Emails from government organizations or research institutions for more information are welcome. Please contact at 07867384541  from within the UK or 00447867384541 or email at   info AT

Note: I am a yoga teacher who is in the field of natural health from the last 17 years and author of 8 books in the field of natural health.  I don’t claim to be an allopathic Doctor but forced to do the research on my own as conventional allopathic medicine failed in the above case. More about Myself Subodh Gupta 



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Q1) I have been asked by many in the field of alternative health that why I gave paracetamol in the first case to the patient when fever is the natural response to the infection.

Ans) In this case the reason I gave paracetamol was that the fever level was very high 104F & high infection was confirmed when the TLC level came out to be 17900 in the CBC. The consistent high fever at 104F could have been fatal for the patient especially the patient was already with very weak health.


Case  Study 2: Patient age 50, Mild symptoms such as Severe Throat Pain, Mild Fever, Bodyache, Headache, Dry Cough (Mild).

Doctors confirmed Coronavirus Symptoms and advised one-week isolation but didn’t give any medication. I have given the following natural remedies for fever, cough and to boost the immune system and the patient recovered fully within 5 days.

Natural Remedies for curing Most Fevers Please note if fever is because of some serious infection such as for example Chest Edema or when Your TLC very high because of some other serious infection than natural remedy mentioned in the above video still helpful (but won’t be sufficient on its own ) and you must take doctor consultation in all cases or other remedies too.

More content to be added soon…


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