Corporate Wellness

Welcome to specialized Corporate Yoga, Stress Management, Natural Health, Work-Life Balance Wellness workshops in Delhi & Canary Wharf, Central London.

We have facilitated more than 500 workshops on corporate wellness in India and in the UK. Workshops on wellness include sessions on work-life balance, team building, creative thinking, yoga for stress management, backache and relaxation.

We offer the following wellness modules for corporate houses in Delhi & London.

(1) Regular safe yoga classes -at the workplace (once or twice a week)

Corporate Yoga classes by Subodh Gupta
Corporate Yoga classes by Subodh Gupta


Benefits: Reduce stress level,

Help alleviating back & neck pain, participants feel more energetic, flexible and relaxed after each session.


(2) Corporate Yoga (rejuvenating)Workshops for day-long Conferences (30 min)

Corporate wellness workshop by Subodh Gupta in Delhi and London
Corporate wellness workshop by Subodh Gupta


Benefits: Rejuvenate participants in day-long conferences. This workshop includes fun & gentle relaxing exercise for refreshing both body and mind for the rest of the conference. We have organized this special workshops for a number of conferences. This workshop does not need special yoga room or yoga mat or changing of dress.


(3) Work-Life Balance workshop – Half day (4 hr)

Work life balance Workshop by Subodh Gupta in Delhi and London
Work-life balance Workshop by Subodh Gupta


Benefits: This workshop explores all the six dimensions of human life and identifies the training needs of participants and action points which can bring balance in their work and life.



Organization for which we have conducted the Sessions/Workshops

DFID (British Govt. Dept ) on Yoga.
Betfair Limited UK on Yoga and Meditation.
Sapient UK on Yoga and Stress management.
Oracle Corporation on Yoga.
Greenwich Leisure Limited UK on Yoga, Weight Loss, Relationship etc
SAKATA India on Yoga and Stress Management.
Delhi Police on Stress Management.
Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited on Yoga.
Delhi Management Association on Goals in life.
Marriott Hotel on Creative thinking and Stress management.
Times of India Group on Creative thinking and Stress management.
Habitat World on Creativity and fun.
Times Foundation on Team building and Creative thinking.
Times Foundation on Yoga and Weight Management.
Times Foundation on Yoga.
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited on Yogasana and Meditation.
DSCL limited on yoga
Royal Aeronautical Society UK on Yoga
International Data Corporation on Work-life balance and Stress Management.
and many other customized workshops.

Contact Us

We are based in London. For any query regarding corporate yoga and other workshops, please
contact us at 07867384541.


Frequently asked questions

(Q)Do we need to sign any contract for minimum regular Yoga classes at our workplace?
You do not need to sign any contract with us for minimum yoga classes.
(Q)If we need to cancel the Yoga classes at our workplace, how many days notice do we need to give you?
We appreciate if you give us at least one week notice in advance.

(Q)How do we ensure that our people are feeling less stressed and more energetic after your yoga classes at our workplace?

We take regular feedback from participants to ensure that you get feedback, as how people are happy with our yoga classes.
(Q)When are the time options available for corporate yoga classes in London?

The most popular time for a corporate yoga class, are early morning, lunchtime slots and evening just after office hours.

(Q)We have a batch of 20 people in our office, can the regular yoga classes be done for all of them?
Yes sure, the classes can be done for 20 people batch.

(Q)An idea of what equipment our people will need for regular yoga classes?
Ans) Participants would be needing

Yoga Mat (Must), however, if your floor is carpeted you may need a thick towel, to begin with.

(Q)Also, if we need to skip one class in between for any reason in between, would this be possible?

Yes Sure, if you want to skip one class in between for any reason yes it is possible, however you need to inform us at least 24 hours in advance otherwise class charges would be counted.

(Q)If we have paid you money upfront, can there be refund?
No issue at all for the refund, as we collect the payment after the classes are conducted every month.(for example, classes conducted For the period 1st of the month to 31st of Month any month, we appreciate if the payment is transferred to our bank account by 7th of next month, please.

(Q)If I need to reduce the size of the class after time, is this possible?
Yes it is certainly possible.

(Q)How much the regular classes for 20 people twice a week will cost?

We have a different pricing structure based on how long you want, how many participants, how often you want and whether it is a workshop or regular yoga classes. We request you to kindly sent your query stating the following information please :

(a) Venue
(b) How many participants
(c) Whether it is Regular Yoga classes or one time workshop
(d) Date if it is one-time workshop.

and we would get back to you with details within 24 hours.