Black pepper (kali Mirch) amazing benefits & side effects

Black pepper benefits
Black pepper benefits

Black pepper or commonly known as kali mirch in Indian kitchen is mostly used to give flavor in food but many people are unaware of its amazing health benefits.

Black pepper is a good source of magnesium, vitamin K, iron, and fiber. It also contains the essential oil piperine, which helps ease aching muscles and digestive issues. It also possesses antibacterial, antioxidant, immune-boosting, and fever-reducing properties.

Health benefits of Black pepper or Kali Mirch

Black Pepper is very good for relieving Cold And Cough
The Black pepper along with cinnamon and honey is a natural cough suppressant. The pepper can also ease asthmatic symptoms. Black pepper clears the respiratory tract and eases other respiratory ailments.

Black pepper can fight infections
The antibacterial properties of black pepper because of piperine help prevent infection and spread of disease.

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Antioxidant Benefits
Black pepper has excellent antioxidant effects, fight the disease-causing free radicals and boost immunity.

As per one study by National Institute of Nutrition in India, black pepper had the highest concentration of antioxidants and even help the prevention of serious ailments such as cancer.

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Black pepper help improves fertility in Men
Zinc and magnesium are two minerals which are important  for male sex hormones and both are found in plenty in black pepper.

Black pepper good for the skin
The antioxidants in black pepper fight free radicals which cause aging and harm the skin. Black pepper fights the signs of premature aging – including wrinkles and dark spots.

Black pepper good for tooth and gum
Powder of black pepper along with cloves and salt is good for the gum and toothache.

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