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Parsley benefits for weight loss, cancer and immune system

parsley benefits
parsley benefits

Parsley benefits for weight loss, protect against cancer and strengthen immune system.

Parsley is often added to food to enhance the flavor,however, it is also a nutritional powerhouse with multiple health benefits.

It is said that parsley may help to protect against cancer, diabetes, and weight gain because of bloating.

One cup of chopped parsley contains:

22 calories
1.78 grams (g) of protein
0.47 g of fat
3.8 g of carbohydrate
2 g of fiber
0.51 g of sugar

The same quantity of parsley provides 984 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin K, as well as 79.8 mcg of vitamin C, and 5,054 international units (IU) of vitamin A. One cup of parsley provides 1,230 percent of the recommended intake of vitamin K.

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Parsley strengthening the Immune System
The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in parsley are beneficial for strengthening the immune system. Vitamin A acts on lymphocytes or white blood cells by increasing their activity. Parsley has antioxidant properties and antibacterial properties, making it an ideal natural remedy for tuberculosis.

Preventing cancer: Myricetin is a flavonoid found in parsley and other plants and flavonoids are naturally-occurring plant compounds that can counter disease-causing agents in the body.

Parsley contains one of the highest concentrations of myricetin per 100 grams and it has been shown to help prevent skin cancer.

Studies have shown that parsley along with other green herbs and vegetables can prevent the cancer-causing effects of heterocyclic amines.

Another chemical known as Apigenin found in parsley which has shown to decrease tumor size in an aggressive form of breast cancer. Researchers believe that apigenin could be a promising non-toxic cancer treatment in the future.

Parsley for weight loss
Parsley helps to reduce water retention and bloating as it is a natural diuretic, which helps to eliminate excess fluid without depleting the body of potassium.

Protecting against diabetes

The myricetin in parsley can also be useful in the treatment and prevention of diabetes as myricetin can lower blood sugar levels and decrease insulin resistance.

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Improving bone health

It is seen that when vitamin K intake is low there is a higher risk of bone fracture. Parsley has very high content of Vitamin K as just ten sprigs of parsley are enough to reach the recommended daily intake of vitamin K.

Cautions: It is not recommended to consume parsley while taking blood thinners.


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