Tooth pain relief fast by 5 natural remedies

Tooth pain relief fast
Tooth pain relief fast

Tooth pain can be quite annoying, painful and sometime quite irritating and you may feel like even to punch your tooth out so you may get fast relief, however, luckily there are natural remedies available within most home to cure tooth pain fast.

Tooth paste: I have to mention here that I have tried many branded western advanced medicinal tooth paste and they were quite ineffective for pain relief. I also tried few Ayurvedic tooth paste for relief, they were bit better but pain still continued.

I have used the following natural remedies to cure my tooth pain fast and that too effectively.

(1) Salty water gargles:
Salt water rinse and gargles are good way to get rid of pain or numb your pain because it is antiseptic and it prevents bacteria from growing. This numb my pain partly.

Rinse your mouth after each meal,is good idea especially after dinner.

Next I tried cloves. I took 2 cloves and place them near my pain and simply chew them gently which further reduce the pain and in addition clove also gave nice taste in my mouth.

(3)Turmeric paste with water
I still felt pain say around 40 to 50% even after the above two treatment say after one hour so I tried Turmeric water paste. I took one teaspoon and place turmeric and added few drops of water and place that past on my tooth which was painful and can say at least 20 to 30 percent pain further went away in next 30 minutes.

So far salt water rinse+ cloves + Turmeric water paste did wonders to reduce at least 70 – 80 percent pain within 1.5 hours.

(4)Although Neem tree leave is perfect to get rid of most dental pain, however, at the moment I have don’t have Neem leaves available. Neem leaves are an excellent natural remedy against tooth pain and bring fast relief.

(5)Onion and Garlic: Garlic is a natural antibacterial agent, and it can help with your tooth pain. Chewing on a 2 piece of raw garlic is good although very sharp smell. Similarly, raw onions are packed with antimicrobial properties which can kill the bacteria in your mouth and reduce your pain.

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In addition to above, ginger is also a powerful antiseptic, and packed with active ingredients. These include gingerone, shogaols, and gingerols. Chewing raw ginger is a great way to reduce certain bacteria in your mouth and reduce pain.

Do let me know your views how above articles and remedies helped you in getting rid of toothache or tooth pain 🙂