How our health get destroyed by wrong water drinking habits

We drink water so naturally, that just thinking that our health can get destroyed by wrong water drinking habits might feel weird but quite true.

There was some research by CDC which says 36 percent of Americans drink one to three cups, and 7 percent who drink none. Now think about the fact that our body constituents is roughly 60 to 70 percent water and think about those who don’t drink water at all or drink very less. So certainly, wrong water drinking habits can destroy our body and health for sure.

Let me explain step by step and hopefully will try to answer all the queries.

When you should drink water: The simple answer is whenever you feel thirsty you should drink water, however, there are two exceptions, and those are, you should never drink water roughly 45 minutes before and 45 after main meals.

Imagine you need to cook food. Which pan do you think you can cook the food? The one which is hot or the one which is cold?

The answer is obviously the pan must be hot. So similarly to digest the food most important thing is you must be hungry but when you start drinking water along with the food what you are doing is making the pan cold so the food will never be digested and undigested food will start depositing around your waste in your intestines.

Now I know some experts says that you should drink water along with a meal. The only exception is when food is very dry and in that case only one or two sips and that too in between the meals only.

The next question is: How much water one should drink?

First, it depends on the weather, winter or summer as obviously the requirement of the water in the summer will be more and if you are doing more physical labor than you might need more water as more sweat will be there.

Second, it depends upon what kind of food you eat. So for example, if you eat lots of fruits and vegetables you will feel less need to drink water because a major portion of fruits and vegetables is water.

Now I know there will be hundreds of questions in your mind. Feel free to ask them in the comments section below as I have tried to explain the most important part of water drinking habits in this article.

Wish you safe and healthy 🙂