Teeth whitening tips home remedy

Teeth Model barbara Tomasik
Teeth Model Barbara Tomasik

Teeth whitening tips home remedy

Yellow teeth often leave a bad impression about the hygiene of the person and people often try all sorts of methods to whiten their teeth some even dangerous and expensive.

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Thankfully there are a number of free and natural ways available by which one can whiten her or his teeth whiten and healthy.

(1)Most important tip to whiten the teeth is how you brush your teeth. Most people in this fast pace society don’t find enough time to brush their teeth properly.

They just quickly put the paste on their teeth and brush it all hardly within 10-20 seconds. Ideally, one should apply the toothpaste on teeth and leave it for a minute or more before start brushing and you would start feeling the difference from the first week itself.

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(2)Brush your teeth twice regularly: One of the main reasons for teeth stains is bacteria. In order to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth white – brush them regularly and twice daily.
It is absolutely important to brush your teeth specially before sleeping to no food article in stuck in your teeth.

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(3) Coke/Soda can all cause serious damage to the enamel of your teeth. If possible one should use a straw to reduce direct exposure to teeth.

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(4)Neem: When it comes to dental care their is no better alternative than Neem. While in the west people find difficult to keep their teeth healthy even after visiting their doctor regularly, however, in villages in India where Neem tree are their and people use neem as their morning cleaning tool often never had seen dental doctors in their entire life.

This is one of main reason that dental doctors are in scarcity in India as it is not a lucrative profession in India because of Neem tree.

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(5)Nowadays there are many Ayurvedic tooth paste are available in the market with lots of minerals healthy for our teeth. However, we have to remember point number one above that to apply Ayurvedic tooth paste on our teeth atleast for one or two minutes before brushing.

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