Bad breath causes and solutions

Bad Breath Model Barbara Tomasik
Bad Breath Model Barbara Tomasik

Bad breath causes or reasons for bad breath in humans and solutions:

1. Our stomach not clean: No matter what chewing gum we use or what perfume we spray to avoid the foul smell of our breath but if our stomach is not clean we will always have bad breath and this is the number one reason.

Solution: it is very easy all we have to ensure is to have every day 8 glasses of water and daily walk of at least 45 minutes.

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2.Food such as Garlic and Onion are foods that have a very strong odor that can stay for a long time.
, however, these two food are very healthy and natural antibiotics so shouldn’t be avoided.

The best solution would be to use them while cooking and eat in small quantity instead of taking them raw and that would avoid bad breath.

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3.Poor Brushing habits: Either not brushing regularly or brushing quick can lead to food stuck in the gap between your teeth.

This causes plaque development which is the favorite food for bacteria and these bacteria cause awful bad breath.

Solution: One should brush twice daily and ideally once you apply the paste on your gums leave them there at least for a minute before cleaning and brushing.

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4.Smoking: Smokers usually smell of tobacco and other chemicals in the cigarette. Chain smoking causes dry mouth and bad breath.

Solution: One has to leave smoking and that is the only solution.

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5.Gum Disease: The persistent bad breath may also be a warning sign of gum (periodontal) disease. Gum disease is caused by the buildup of plaque on teeth.

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