Worst foods for your skin

Worst food for skin
Worst food for skin

Worst foods for your skin or bad for your skin foods

Daily intake of caffeine may cause skin aging and may result in the wrinkly skin if taken in excess.  The caffeine also causes dehydration and dry skin.

Whether you like hot Coffee or cold coffee, it might be a good idea to keep a check on the overall intake.

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Processed Foods:
Trans fat in the processed food is one of ingredient that causes several dermatological issues. Processed food and aerated drinks are rich in trans fat.

Trans fat can also cause digestion issues and the effects of which appear on your skin. So processed such as burger, chips must be avoided as much as possible.

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Red meat:
Red meat is a rich source of saturated fat and cholesterol and leads to a higher rate of inflammation in your body.
Collagen is a vital ingredient for your skin to look and stay fresh but higher rates of inflammation lead to a fall in the collagen production in your body and hence red meat not good for your skin.

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Dieting might seem a good idea to many but they cause several side effects to your skin as they lead to nutrition deficiency and skin deterioration.

It is not a good idea to subject your body with sudden shock with a limited supply of food and nutrients. The
results of dieting on your skin may include skin dryness and dark circles under your eyes.

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People who drink alcohol on a regularly tend to have dry skin. This is the result of dehydration the alcohol causes in your body. It is a good idea to ensure sure that your alcohol consumption is in check and you drink enough water to help your skin.

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