Foods to get rid of belly bloat or bloating fast

Vegetables and Fruits
Vegetables and Fruits

Belly bloat or bloating: How to get rid of that fast or foods that debloat your stomach?

Bloating is often the result of digestive issues, allergic reaction or excessive gas in our stomach. We may feel an increase in the size of our stomach after eating. Bloating is usually linked to what we eat, however, positive news is that just a few simple changes can ease our discomfort.

Below are some of the simple ways to stop bloating:

1. Fruits:

Daily intake of 5 fruits is excellent to get rid of bloating fast or avoid bloating in the first place.

Sometimes bloating can happen when our stomach retains water. Honeydew melon which is Rich in potassium helps to release the excess water out of your system. Just a few chunks of honeydew melon can help you.

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Similarly, Pineapple which is rich in fiber and has diuretic effects on your body plays a significant role in reducing colonic inflammation which in turn reduces bloating.

Kiwi Fruit which is rich in fiber helps in case of bloating. As per the research just two kiwis a day for four weeks
had less constipation and a general lessening of IBS symptoms.

Banana: As per the study published in the journal Anaerobe, women who ate 2 banana daily as a pre-meal snack for 60 days experienced an increase in good bacteria levels and a 50 percent reduction in bloating.

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2. Lemon

Lemons play an important role in detoxifying our body. Lemon helps in reducing inflammation and prevents the ballooning up of your stomach due to bloating.

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3. Carrot
Carrot being rich in potassium helps in relieving belly bloating.

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4. Mint Tea
Mint having both anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties, can help us to get rid of bloating. Peppermint tea is one of the very natural forms of mint one can drink easily.

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In addition to foods, simple walking exercise can go a long way to get rid of bloating and also losing weight.

FAQ related to bloating:

Do bananas help Debloat?

Yes Bananas certainly helps to debloat the belly as Bananas are high in potassium, which helps balance sodium and prevent the water retention. Inaddition banana’s fiber can also help in easing constipation which is another cause of bloating.

Does Cinnamon help bloating?

Does drinking water reduce bloating?
Water can help reduce bloating by flushing out the system and reduce constipation and you would feel less bloated.

Does drinking water relieve gas?

Does coffee cause bloating?
Many people feel bloated because of coffee.It is said that coffee produce the hormone cortisol which increases blood sugar levels, which essentially are turned into fat and stored around your middle — this contributes to bloating.

Can drinking too much water cause bloating?
General thumb rule is to take 8 glass of water a day. However in summer one can easily take up to 10 to 12 glasses of water. Water itself will not cause bloating however if your body has high salt content and that can retail water and you may feel bloated.

Does peanut butter cause bloating?
Yes,trans fats found in peanut butter are one of the reason of inflammation in the body. This inflammation can lead to bloating, gas, and general digestive discomfort.

Can Beans & lentils leads to bloating?
Yes, as they contain indigestible sugars which may cause bloating and gas.

What foods cause gas and bloating?
Peanuts, chick peas, lentils, beans, etc.

Does yogurt cause bloating?
In case If you have lactose intolerance, consuming milk is likely to cause bloating.

In addition is is advisable to eat slowly and chew your food properly as chewing more helps not to swallow air and eating slowly helps in eating smaller portion and hence less bloating.