Foods which makes your Teeth Yellow


Foods which makes your Teeth Yellow:

Our teeth affect our image and reflect our hygiene level as well.

It is no secret that brighter smile often leads to a more positive environment in both professional and personal lives, however, it is difficult to have that smile with yellow teeth so the question is what to do when you have yellow teeth despite you do toothbrush every day.

Well, the first step is to look at your foods which you eat in your day to day life, if they are making our teeth yellow.

Following are the foods that can make your teeth yellow if taken on a regular basis.

1)Red Wine
Red wine is marketed as a healthy drink in the western nations and it is considered limited consumption of red wine is useful for our body.

However, red wine has its share of adverse effects too. The dark red color of wine can leave yellow stains on our teeth if drink regularly. In addition, it can also lead to making your mind drowsy and less focused and less concentrated. If you practice meditation regularly it will take you back in your practice.

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2). Sugary Candies
Colored candies that stain our tongue will obviously have the potential to stain our teeth as well. The effects of sugary candies might not be visible instantly, however, eating them on regular basis can leave the stain on our teeth.

3)Coffee is like a wake-up call in the western nations such as the UK where most people often run to Coffee shop in the morning when they are rushing to their work however they don’t realize that coffee contains tannins (acidic polyphenols) that can lead to staining and discoloration and one of the reasons for yellow teeth around the world.

The darker the coffee you drink, the higher are the chances of them staining your teeth, however higher milk content in the coffee tends to reduce the possibility of yellow teeth.

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4)Drinking Soda
The sugar in the soda can wears away the enamel of our teeth and lets the color of the drink settle down on our teeth.

5). Sauce
Soy sauce and red sauce can also create yellow teeth. Anything that can create a stain on our clothes can also create a stain on our teeth.

6)Balsamic Vinegar
This flavorful salad dressing also has the potential to create lasting stains on your teeth.

Our teeth are covered by tissue called enamel, which keeps them strong, however, frequent acids contact can eat away at the enamel and expose little holes in the teeth. If our enamel becomes porous than it will absorb stains more easily and can make us more prone to cavities.

Something food or liquid which are acidic are dangerous. They can damage your enamel by sticking to our teeth. Although our saliva can naturally neutralize acids, but it takes around 20 minutes or so for our mouths to reach a neutral state after eating.

The best strategy against acidic and staining foods and drinks is Water as it rinses away damaging acids and staining particles.

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After drinking wine it is good to drink water and also rinsing it with water to minimize and neutralize the acids.

Also, morning and evening brushing is must to help strengthen the enamel and help undo the damage caused by the acids.

One must ensure that your brush must be soft otherwise you may be ended up damaging your teeth more by brushing instead of protecting it.