How to prevent hair fall

Hair fall Model barbara Tomasik
Hair fall Model Barbara Tomasik

Hair fall or loss is one of the major concerns in fast pace modern society and people start losing their hairs even from the early age of 20.

Medical advancements have invented several artificial treatments, however, these solutions are not always foolproof and also quite expensive.

Causes of hair loss

Thankfully there are many natural ways to prevent hair fall or hair loss and they are quite economical too.

(1) Meditation: Regular meditation 20 min just before sleeping and also when you wake up in morning will go a long way to improve your overall health in addition to prevent hair fall.

(2) Hatha Yoga: The first tip to prevent hair fall is the regular practice of Hatha yoga. The yogic practice helps in good blood circulations and reduce stress which is essential for proper hair growth and prevents hair fall.

(3) Neem: Neem is a simple natural way to prevent hair fall. It is excellent to prevent dandruff and promotes hair growth.

(4)Green tea: It enhances the body’s metabolism which helps in proper blood flow to our body including scalp.

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(5) Gentle Oil Massage: 10 to 15 min gentle scalp massage with coconut oil is very good. One has to ensure that the temperature of oil not hot.

(6)Nutritious food: You may eat the most expensive food at the most expensive places but that doesn’t mean that food is nutritious too. Nutritious food with vitamins and minerals is must to prevent the hair fall.

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