How to keep mosquitoes away

How to keep mosquitoes away

Mosquitoes are real big problem in countries such as India, specially in summer as they spread several diseases such as Dengue, Malaria & dangerous new Chikungunya.

Tens of thousands of people died in India from Chikungunya Dengue fever in 2016 although those news went unreported for some reasons.

Chikungunya don’t have any alopathic treatment available yet, fever crossed 103 and although fever come down in around a week but pain in joints associated with Chikungunya can take up to a year to normalize.

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Below are natural home remedies keep mosquitoes away from your home.

(1)Camphor: Light a camphor in the room where you find mosquitoes and ideally close all the doors and windows in that room.

Within an hour you may find the room is free of mosquitoes. However you have to beware of the fact that when you light camphor a dark smoke is released and if you wall have expensive white or light color there may be bit of dark sign on wall.

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(2) Basil plant: It is said that basil plant which is also considered as holy plant in India helps to keep mosquitoes away so it helps to keep basil plant around your house.

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(3) Garlic: Spray garlic water solution (boil few pieces of garlic in hot water and wait till it cooled down) around your home, specifically in dark corners. This is considered quite effective as it kills kill mosquitoes in their larval stage itself.

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(4)Mint: The aroma of mint oil keeps mosquitoes away. So it is good to Spraying mint oil around the area which is infested with mosquitoes and that shall keep the mosquitoes in away.

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Do let us know in comments below, if you know any other home remedies to keep mosquitoes. 🙂