Healthy eye care tips for beautiful eyes

Eye care tips Model Barbara Tomasik
Eye care tips Model Barbara Tomasik

Healthy eye care tips

Many common eye diseases such as glaucoma or age-related macular  degeneration often have no warning signs, so it is important to have regular eye checkup and to detect eye diseases in their early stages.

Following simple tips will help you to keep your eyes healthy.

(1)Whether you stay at home or you work in an office for long hours you can’t avoid a computer or laptop or tablet nowadays. People even though stay at home are glued to social media.

The important point you need to remember while you work on a laptop or computer whether for work or leisure is to give a break for around 5 minutes after every one and half hour. This will give relaxation to your eye and also rejuvenation.

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(2)Gentle eye exercise. In gentle yoga exercise schedule, there are simple eye movements which strengthen your eye muscles and hence healthy eyes.

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(3)Enough sleep: Just as our body needs rest after a day-long work so does our eyes. Going to late night party on a regular basis where you don’t get enough sleep is certainly not good for the eyes in the long run.

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When you have enough sleep, the water in your eye clear dust and dirt which get in your eye during the day, preventing any kind of infections in a natural way.

(4)Healthy diet: There is no alternative to healthy diet or nutrition if you really want to keep your eyes healthy. For example, people who eat a healthy diet regularly which include various fruits such as papaya, pinapple, and veggie are able to avoid many eye related ailments or degeneration.

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(5)Quit smoking: Smoking damages eyes in the long term because it weakens the optic nerves and increases the chances of age related eye defects. So it is good to consider quit smoking if you want to keep your eyes healthy.

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(6)Regular check up of eyes and also diabetes: Uncontrolled diabetes has the potential which can lead to vision loss. So it is very important to have regular health check up at least once a year.

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(7) Don’t try inverted yoga postures or inverted acrobatic exercises if you have ever seen floaters in the past or have detached retina. If you might have seen floaters or have detached retina in the past that means your eyes muscles are weak and it can get worse with any inverted postures.

(8)If you wear contact lenses, make sure to keep them clean to stay from infections. Keep your contacts sterile. Sterilize your hands before handling your contact lenses.