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Signs symptoms of depression


Depression is a state of mind in which anyone can find himself or herself lost and it is not specific to any age group or gender.

For example you might have heard many times people who seem to have everything which most people desired on this planet such as money, power, fame etc and still they ended up killing them self or did suicide.

Uma Thurman and depression

So question is what drives those celebrities towards suicide when they have almost everything?

Actually that is one point when people who are in depressed state should think about that there is nothing wrong if you ended up being sad and depressed because anybody can be into that situation but if you need to come out of depression, it is important to recognize the sign and symptoms first.

You may be depressed if you’ve felt sad or miserable most of the time for more than few weeks and have lost interest in usual activities, and have also experienced several of the following signs.

(1)Feeling of worthlessness: When people go into depression, one of the feeling which come most often is the feeling of worthlessness.

People lost confidence on themselves and started feeling worthless believing they are no more good enough and can’t change the situation which is causing them stress.

(2) Weight gain: Often people when they go into depression use food as comfort and ended up gaining lots of weight.

For example often women when they want to lose weight but can’t, lose confidence and go into depression and ended up eating lots of food thinking what is the point of so much dieting and exercise when you can never lose weight so why not enjoy eating all the delicious unhealthy food which further leads to negative cycle because after eating all that unhealthy food they feel more worse and depressed.

Stress management program to fight back depression

(3)Withdrawn from social activities:

If you are start to avoid social activities and avoid meeting those people whose company you enjoyed in the past than it is a surely a sign of high-level stress which is leading towards depression.

Yoga and stress

(4)Insomnia or difficulty in sleeping

Depression can severely affect your sleeping pattern. Often you would be awake late night and find difficulty in falling asleep or waking up late in morning and experience tiredness all day.

(5)Nothing seems good and nothing seem to cheer you up and you often find yourself in depressed or sad mood. Often happen after relationship breakup.

(6) Fatigue People who are depressed experience lots of emotional changes
and often experience fatigue and find very difficult to come out of bed in the morning.

How to deal with anxiety and depression

(7)Backache: People who go through depression or serious stress often experience health issues such as constipation, headaches and back pain.

Long period of sadness or irritation is a sign of depressed emotions. This can happen to any person at any stage of life.

  • Following are some of the factors that make you vulnerable to depression:
    Loneliness or isolation
    Lack of social support
    Relationship issues
    Financial problem
    Health issues

Depression if left untreated can lead to a serious health condition, so it is important to take action once you recognize that you have the above sign and symptoms of depression.

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You can take many steps to cope better in case you are suffering from depression. Below are some of the few:
-First try to reach out to your loved one’s specially those who are of positive nature so you don’t feel lonely and at the same time able to see hope.
-Join Motivation forums such as: Motivation
-Start everyday physical exercise which is absolute must, such as walking or swimming or any activity you like most. The reason is physical exercise release stress hormones and your feel much better and what better way to fight depression that within 6 weeks you can reach healthy and dream body of yours despite feeling low. 🙂


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