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How to deal with anxiety and depression


In this fast pace of modern life where most people running after money 24@7, social status etc, more than 100 million people worldwide are battling with anxiety and depression.

Anxiety and depression can not only affect your personal happiness but also your social life. Although there is no instant, magical cure for this condition, however, there are some activities which you can do to help yourself from right now and you can certainly feel better.

Replace your depressive thoughts with blessings in your life

When you feel disappointment, weak, easily overwhelmed with emotions, worthless, purposeless, tired than at that time
try to focus your mind on good things or moments you had so far in your life.

When you remember the positive things or happy moments they give you strength to fight back in your life.

Outdoor physical activity:
Research shows that doing regular outdoor activity helps reduce anxiety, stress and the symptoms of depression. Ideally one should try visiting a park, green areas close to nature instead of covered space such as gym, where you may inhale mostly stale air.

At least 30 minutes of morning and evening walk would certainly change your mood for the better.

Meditation, Hatha Yoga and Breathing exercises

The best ways to overcome anxiety, stress, and depression is the regular practice of meditation, yoga and breathing exercises such as anuloma viloma or kapalabhati.

After each session of Meditation,hatha yoga and breathing exercise you are bound to feel better instantly so they are must for any program to overcome depression or anxiety. regular practice promotes for sure concentration, memory, and relaxes the body and mind. You can begin with just 10 minutes of daily guided meditation

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

A Harvard University study found a correlation between increased levels of omega-3 fatty acids and a decrease in depression. Ideally one should try to get this Omega-3 from nuts as I won’t recommend fish or meat or capsules.

Social interaction

Humans are social creatures and by isolating from family and friends the anxiety becomes worse so it is very important to find a support group or organization that deals with depression and join.

Nowadays you can find many support groups on facebook and I find them quite responsive as many people who are going through similar situations are ready to help and listen to each other.

Signs and symptoms of depression

Avoid alcohol and junk food

A well-balanced diet is essential to keep your mind and body healthy. You must avoid junk foods and alcohol as they would make you fat and later you would feel more depressed. Ideally, you shall ensure at least 5 fruits every day in your daily diet.

Make yourself busy with activities

Engage yourself with hobbies or work or other activities because if you sit at home doing nothing than that feeling of anxiety and stress will overpower you and you would feel depressed.

So you must engage yourself in some activity you love doing.

Identify your passion and purpose of life
There is a Chinese proverb, “every crisis has the opportunity”

Many times I have seen in life that certain painful situation comes into our life to teach us something. Although nobody wants them however often there are possibilities that you can convert that crisis sitiation to your advantage.

Perhaps when you are anxious and depressed and don’t feel like doing anything, consider changing the direction of your thought and focus on what you want to achieve in your life.

If you can identify your purpose in life perhaps you have found the ultimate solution to overcome anxiety, stress, and depression because once you identify what you would love as your goal or objective you would never feel like working instead that would be fun so focus and reflect what is the purpose of your life.

Finally, accept the reality as it is not as you would like it to be

Unless you accept the reality you will stay depressed or stressed. It is extremly important to accept the reality as it and not as you would like it to be and then start working by focussing what is the best possible solution in that situation.

Wish you get better soon 🙂 Feel free to write your experience below in the comments section and I would be happy to respond back.


Subodh Gupta - Yoga Instructor based in London. Author of several books on Yoga. Conducted more than 500 wellness workshops in Delhi and London. Natural Health & Buddha Teachings in English