Mindfulness Meditation practice session 10 min

We have often heard that only a healthy body can have a healthy mind, however, vice a verse is truer. Our state of mind directly affects our body function, health, and our productivity.

As we do regular hatha yoga to keep our body healthy, similarly we need to do a regular meditation exercise to keep our mind healthy.

Often people complain of lack of time for meditation because they don’t realize that benefits of meditation are enormous and there is no fixed time only when you have to meditate, in fact, you can meditate whenever you find the time.

Also, there is no fixed time limit of how long one should meditate. To make it easier one can even meditate with eyes open (although ideally eyes should be closed) when you are travelling in the morning or evening via public transport (not when you are driving on your own :-). One can even start with only 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation each day.

10 Minuted meditation Instruction:

To begin with: Sit straight with cross leg position (if you feel uncomfortable with cross leg position, you can also sit on the chair but try to keep your back and neck straight).

Now close your eyes and concentrate your mind on the tip of your nostril area and just be aware of your breath. Point to remember is that we don’t have to control the breath but just observe the natural breath as it is.

At the end of 10 minutes of meditation, always generate positive thoughts such as let everybody be healthy, let everybody be peaceful and happy.

Our mind in generating machine and each second either you generate positive, negative or neutral thoughts and it is the law of nature whatever we sow so shall we reap and we get the return after multiplying.

For example, if you plant one seed in the ground, what you get back in return is one full tree with thousands of those seeds. So if you plant peaceful and happy thoughts, so that’s what you get back in your life. 🙂

For Private Meditation with Subodh Gupta in London

With regular practice of meditation, you will find even 10 minutes of practice will help you to reduce anxiety and stress and manage your life much much easier 🙂

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