Story Patacara who lost everyone & become Saint #Buddhism

Below is the inspiring Story of a woman Patacara who lost everyone in the world & still become a Saintly person, fully liberated after coming in contact with Bhagwan Buddha and practicing vipassana meditation. #Buddhism

Paṭācārā was a woman who came from an extremely wealthy merchant family in Srāvastī. She was served by a young servant, who led her astray and convinced her to elope with him and steal from her family.

They lived off of the stolen wealth until it ran out and they were forced to endure extreme hardship. Hardluck strike Patachara and within a short span of time, her two sons both died in an accident and her husband also died after being bitten by a cobra.

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She returned to Srāvastī where her parents lived but on the way, she learned that one day before because of a natural calamity her family’s seven-storied building had collapsed and her father, mother, and brother had all been killed.

Paṭācārā lost her mental balance and began to roam the streets of Srāvastī naked. One day, while listening to the Buddha preach at the Jetavana monastery, she regained some of her senses and sought refuge in the Buddha.

Buddha told her to take refuge in the Dharma. Hearing the words of pure Dharma from the Lord Budha, her mind became concentrated and she began to practice Vipassana meditation she became a stream-enterer (srotāpanna) then and there as a result of her past pāramīs.

The Buddha ordained her and she eventually became an Arahant (fully liberated), achieving enlightenment and freedom from suffering. She achieved everything which a human being can and was completely free of sorrow.

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