Story of Anathapindika who spread Gold #Buddhism

Anathapindika also known as Sudatta, was a wealthy merchant and one of the Buddha’s disciples in ancient India. He is known for his generosity and his support of the Buddha and the early Buddhist community.

According to the Pali Canon, the earliest collection of Buddhist scriptures, Anathapindika was born in a town called Savatthi and was the son of a wealthy merchant. He became interested in the Buddha’s teachings after hearing a sermon directly from Buddha and had a dip in Nibbana and become Sotapanna. He began to support the Buddha’s community of monks financially.

Anathapindika is most famous for his role in the construction of the Jetavana monastery, which was one of the most important monasteries in the Buddha’s time.

The Buddha had visited Savatthi on several occasions, and Anathapindika had become a devout follower of the Buddha’s teachings. He is said to have purchased the land for the monastery at the price of spreading the gold on the land and donated it to the Buddha and his community of monks.

The Jetavana monastery became an important center for the Buddha’s teachings and was visited by many people seeking spiritual guidance.

Anathapindika is also remembered for his generosity to all. He is said to have made many donations to the monastic community and to have provided for the needs of monks from different traditions. He is remembered as a model of generosity and a key supporter of the Buddha and his teachings.

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Anathapindika had many interactions with the Buddha and he is said to have visited the Buddha frequently and to have received teachings and guidance from him.

The Buddha is also said to have visited Anathapindika’s home on several occasions and to have stayed at the Jetavana monastery, which was built with Anathapindika’s support.

Anathapindika after his death is born into one of the Devaloka in heaven.