Monk who gave Dhamma discourses just like Buddha

Story of a Monk who gave Dhamma discourses just like Buddha. The following video explains the interaction between Buddha and Sariputra.

Sariputra was Buddha’s chief disciple. According to Buddhist tradition, he was born in a town called Nalanda in ancient India and was the son of a wealthy merchant. As a young man, he is said to have studied with a number of spiritual teachers but was not satisfied with any of them.

After encountering one Arahant, Sariputra had a dip in Nibbana just by listening to 2 verses of Buddha’s teachings. Sariputra became convinced of the truth of the Buddha’s teachings and became one of his most devoted disciples.

From that time on, he dedicated himself to studying and practicing the Buddha’s teachings and became one of the most influential figures in the early Buddhist community.

Sariputra is known for his wisdom and his ability to teach and explain Buddha’s teachings to others just as Buddha used to.

The Four Noble Truths

He is said to have had a deep understanding of the Buddha’s teachings on emptiness and the nature of reality and was highly respected by the Buddha and his fellow disciples.

Sariputra is also said to have performed many miraculous feats and to have had numerous supernatural powers as a result of his spiritual practice. He is often depicted in Buddhist art and literature as a wise and respected teacher.

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