Story of King Bimbisara #Buddhism

King Bimbisara was a historical figure who is mentioned in the early Buddhist texts as being a patron and supporter of the Buddha and his teachings.

According to the Pali Canon, the earliest collection of Buddhist scriptures, King Bimbisara was the ruler of the kingdom of Magadha, which was located in ancient India. He is said to have been a just and wise ruler who was deeply interested in spiritual matters.

King Bimbisara is said to have met the Buddha soon after the Buddha attained enlightenment, and he became one of the Buddha’s earliest converts.

He is said to have offered the Buddha the use of the royal park at Rajagaha as a place for the Buddha and his community of monks to stay, and he became a patron and supporter of the Buddha and his teachings.

King Bimbisara is also said to have had many conversations with the Buddha and to have received teachings and guidance from him. He is remembered as a key supporter of the Buddha and his teachings and as a model of wise and just rulership.

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King Bimbisara was Sotapanna before his death i.e. tasted Nibbana once. Perhaps this is the reason that when he was tortured by his own son, King Bimbisara had only compassion and love for his son as per Buddha teachings.

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