Story Angulimala: A Murderer turns into Saint #buddhism

Story Dacoit Angulimala: A Murderer turns into Saint #buddhism | The effect of #buddha teachings on the ruthless murderer and turns him into a fully liberated saint.

Angulimala was a ruthless murderer who lived as an outlaw in the jungle and vowed to kill 1000 people. He kept track of his victims by taking a finger from each and adding it to a string around his neck, earning him the nickname “Finger-Garland (Finger means Anguli, and Garland is called Mala in Hindi).”

He became the terror of the whole countryside and everyone was afraid of him. The Buddha, who was staying nearby, learned that Angulimala’s mother was going to try to find him and save him, but there was a danger that Angulimala would end up killing her.

To prevent this, the Buddha went to the forest himself to find the young man (It is said that if someone kills their parent even Vipassana can’t save that person and he or she has to go to hell plane at least once).

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Angulimala, who was anxious to complete his task of killing his thousandth victim saw the Buddha on the path and Angulimala decided to kill him.

However, no matter how much he tried, he could not catch up to the Buddha as Bhagwan Buddha was using Rithi Bal (supernatural power). Finally, he shouted, “Stop! Stop!”

The Buddha replied, “I have stopped. when would you.” Somehow Buddha’s words calms down his rage and he threw away his weapons and asked the Buddha to teach him meditation and wisdom.

Angulimala practiced meditation (Samadhi) and moral conduct (5 Sheel or Precepts or Silas) sincerely and seriously and changed completely with the help of the Noble Eightfold path.

One morning, while in the streets near the meditation retreat, Angulimala heard a woman crying in pain, and, upon realizing that all human beings suffer, he developed a deep compassion for her and all the people he had harmed, as well as for himself and all living beings.

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When people heard about the change in him, they asked the Buddha if it was true that a man who had killed so many could change, and the Buddha replied that Angulimala had indeed changed and he is a saintly person.

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