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How 5 Sheels or Precepts or Sila helps in Samadhi

How 5 Sheels or Precepts or Sila help in Samadhi

The Panchsheel or Sila or Precepts make our minds stronger. Also when we follow sila it calms our mind because it is noticed that whenever any single Sila is broken commotion in the mind is very huge and samadhi is not possible.

That’s why 5 Sila are also considered as 5 baals (strength).

The Five Precepts (also known as the Five Virtues or Panchsheel or Sila) are a set of ethical guidelines that are followed by Buddhists in order to cultivate moral discipline and reduce suffering. The Five Precepts are:

To refrain from taking life
To refrain from taking what is not given
To refrain from sexual misconduct
To refrain from false speech
To refrain from taking intoxicants

For beginners, a 10-day Vipassana Meditation course following the above 5 Precepts is an absolute must and for long courses, it is strongly recommended that one must have followed the 5 Precepts for at least 1 year.

These guidelines can be seen as a way to cultivate mental discipline and avoid actions that would lead to suffering for oneself or others.

By following the Five Precepts, a person can cultivate a sense of mindfulness and awareness of their actions and the consequences of those actions.

This can help to create a foundation for the cultivation of concentration and clarity of mind in meditation practice.


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