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Buddha : 3 things must if you want to progress in Meditation

Buddha : 3 things absolute must if you want to progress in Meditation

In addition to the practical points in the above video, there are a few key principles that are important for progress in meditation:

Regular practice: Like any skill, Vipassana meditation requires regular practice in order to improve and see progress. It is recommended to set aside dedicated time for meditation on a daily basis.

Right effort: In order to progress in meditation, it is important to put in the necessary effort and to be diligent in one’s practice. This involves maintaining an attitude of openness, curiosity, and a willingness to learn.

Right attitude: It is important to approach meditation with the right attitude, which means cultivating an open, non-judgmental, and accepting mindset.

It is also important to approach meditation with a sense of patience and kindness towards oneself, as it can take time to see progress and it is important to be gentle and compassionate with oneself in the process.

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