Why you feel Fear #Buddha Teachings | Buddhism

Why you feel Fear #Buddha Teachings | Buddhism

Breaking the Five Precepts or Silas and engaging in other unwholesome or sinful actions can be a cause of fear and suffering.

The Five Precepts are a set of ethical guidelines that are followed by Buddhists in order to cultivate moral discipline and to reduce suffering. The Five Precepts are: To refrain; from taking life, taking what is not given, from sexual misconduct, from false speech, from taking intoxicants

Four Noble truths

By following the Five Precepts, a person can cultivate mindfulness and awareness of their actions and the consequences of those actions. This can help to create a foundation for the cultivation of understanding and clarity of mind, which can in turn help to reduce fear and anxiety.

If a person engages in actions that are not in alignment with the Five Precepts, they may experience fear as a result of the potential consequences of their actions or as a result of the internal conflict that arises when their behavior is not in alignment with their values.

The eightfold path

In general, the Buddha taught that the cultivation of moral discipline and mindfulness can be helpful in reducing fear and suffering.