Vipassana meditator must do these 5 things

Vipassana meditator must do these 5 things:

Vipassana meditation is a traditional form of Buddhist meditation that involves developing mindfulness and insight through the practice of systematic concentration and introspection.

In order to practice Vipassana meditation effectively, there are a few key things that a meditator should aim to do:

(1) Establish a daily meditation practice: It is important to set aside regular time for meditation, ideally at the same time each day, in order to develop a consistent and sustainable practice.

(2) Once in a year 1@10 day course

(3) Before sleeping and just before you wake up, for 5 min observe sensations.

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(4) Once-a-week group sitting.

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(5)After every group sitting around 5 minutes generate metta vibrations

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