What decide our Rebirth or Reincarnation #Buddhism

According to Bhagwan Buddha’s teachings every second we create our own lokas.

So what does it mean, every second we generate some kind of vibration, and whatever vibration we generate links with one of the 31 planes of existence in this universe?

So, for example, the human plane is one plane of existence likewise there are 30 more claims of existence in This Very universe, and every second we are connecting with one or the other planes of existence depending upon what kind of vibrations we are generating.

By the end of this particular life for whichever plane we have generated the maximum vibration in that very plane the next birth will happen so, for example, somebody was very helpful throughout his life to others, lots of donations without expecting anything, following or living a very moral, living a life with a moral code of conduct (the eightfold path) so all these things basically add up to that person karma account and they help basically for a person for the next birth in a heaven plane and that’s why all the saintly people have suggested to live a life with moral conduct or to help others or to generate love for others for the same reason.

Somebody has done basically a mix of karmas like some good karmas or some not very good karmas mix of them come back to the human plane and if somebody has done the majority of time basically the karmas which are for example having a feeling of jealousy for other peoples or creating problems for other people’s or generating vibrations of fear so these, unfortunately, these people basically goes to the lower plane of existence.

So that’s basically how it’s a very simple and computerized process of nature that how our next birth will take place if you have any query please write it in the comment section