Karma | Vipassana Meditation effect on Karmic Sins

Point 1: Nobody can escape the result of the past karmas even in the case of Bhagwan Buddha he has to face many adverse situations because of some of his past karmas in his previous life.

Point 2: But somebody who has not learned the technique of Bhagwan Buddha’s teaching (Vipassana meditation) he or she has to face that suffering because of some past karmas for the set duration of time (fixed duration of time) for which the results of past karma has come so that is the reason why in Indian astrology they were able to predict you that your two years could be bad or difficult or 10 years could be difficult because of the calculation of the fast karmas.

Tips for vipassana meditation beginners

But if you have learned the correct way how to do Vipassana meditation, in that case what happens is that first, the intensity of that difficult time will be less and second duration of that bad Karma basically can also be less but the results of past Karmas everyone has to face it whether you have done vipassana meditation or not.

Old Vipassana meditators must do the following after completing  course