One Secret to make Mind Strong | Will Power

Anything can be improved with regular practice or regular training over a period of time now the next question basically you’ll be asking is how long it will take you to make your willpower stronger.

So I will say that if you see, let’s say sportspersons when they go to compete in the Olympics how much do you think that they uh you know their regular practice weeks months years when the elite athletes from all over the world are coming to compete in Olympic Games they almost basically train for years together the same routine.

I’ve seen boxers more than two hours in the ring two hours in the evening ring exactly you know scheduled for the diets and everything and then yes they achieve That Glory likewise if you really want to make your willpower strong you really need to practice in morning evening certain exercises you will just explain you right now but before that, I need to explain one more thing that our mind does not want to be disciplined

If you tell your mind a variety of things let’s go for you know traveling all over the world let’s go for a movie Let’s Go for this thing let’s go for that thing mind will be very happy

but the mind doesn’t want to be disciplined. An undisciplined mind is your worst enemy and a disciplined mind is your best friend.

So when you basically start training your mind or trying to make your willpower stronger a port a portion of your mind basically will resist it will revolt and that’s natural let it revolt but you have to be calm.

You have to be patient and keep practicing morning and evening every single day and then the stage basically will come that the Revolt of this mind will be getting less and less and less you will be having more control you will be your mind will be much more in control you will probably be much stronger and then afterward whatever you want to do it the same mind basically will be helping you so the simple exercise which you should do uh to make your willpower stronger there could be many exercises but this is the easiest and the most powerful one I will say practice 10 minutes morning 10 minutes evening meditation every single day at least for the next three months I repeat morning evening both time 10 minutes morning 10 minutes evening meditation and will really make your mind stronger it will make your willpower really strong and you will see the magical results will start happening in your life.

I will add the link uh to the 10 minutes guided meditation you can check for that should you have any other queries feel free to put it in the comment sections of the video and I will reply to them.