Buddha story 1: Will Power and Sacrifice of Sumedha

Buddha Teachings Satipatthana Sutta
Encyclopedia of Buddhism by Subodh Gupta

Do you know Bhagwan Siddarth Gautam was the fourth Buddha in this worldly cycle & he sacrificed for us for a time period more than we can imagine 🙂

Hi Friends,
This is the first episode in the series of Bhagwan Buddha stories and teachings. My vision is to cover all the main aspects related to Bhagwan Buddha story, his life, and all the teachings so everyone can get inspiration.

In the history of human beings, as we know, the sacrifice of Gautam Buddha is so huge that it is almost impossible to even imagine. Yes, you have heard it right, it is impossible to even imagine and that is why I have titled it a sacrifice of Sumedha.

So the story goes like this: A brahman by the name of Sumedha (Gautam Buddha in one of the previous birth) met one of the previous Buddhas (Dipankara Buddha) and at that time Sumedha has enough parmies (good qualities) that if he learned Vipassana meditation from Dipankar Buddha he would have become enlightened in very short time in that very life because he was the master of all the eight dhayans or Jhanas.

But Sumedha for the benefit of millions of others chooses to accept suffering for a time period that is so long that it can’t be counted. He took the vow to make all to become samyak sambuddha in the course of time.

Then at that time Buddha Dipankara gave him his blessings and predicted that he would become a Buddha by the name of Gotama after a lapse of four times countless world cycles plus one hundred thousand world cycles (kappas).

From then onwards, life after life, the Bodhisatta (future Buddha) collected the ten paramitas (or paramis, or good qualities) which we would learn in the next episode of Buddha story:

Bhagwan Siddarth Gautam Buddha has sacrificed for 4 @ countless (130 zeros) + 100,000 additional worldly cycles to become Samak Sambuddha.

Bhagwan Gotama Buddha is the fourth of the five Buddhas to arise in this current worldly cycle which is known as a Bhadda-kappa. There were also innumerable Buddhas who arose in previous world cycles and who spread the same Dhamma to humanity with great compassion.

The teaching of the Buddhas helped complete elimination of the suffering and freedom from death forever.