Yoga Pose Eagle Garudasana

Yoga Pose -The Eagle – (Garudasana) The Sanskrit word ‘Garuda’ means an eagle, hence the name given to this posture. The goal in the Yoga Posture Eagle is to squeeze everything together and keeping it in one line; the shoulders, hips, knees and the ankles. This posture will keep you alert, and help your mind … Read more

Yoga Mats

Yoga Mats -What are point I should look for before purchasing Yoga Mat? There can be many considerations; however as per my understanding following points are most important a) Yoga Mat should be thick enough so that when you are lying on hard surface your backbone should not touch the hard surface i.e. there should … Read more

Yoga Hernia and Madonna

Yoga, Hernia, and Madonna Hernia -A hernia is defined as ‘the protrusion of an internal organ through a weakness in the muscle around it’. The weakness in question may be present at birth or acquired later in life. Common examples include: Inguinal hernia and femoral hernia, both involving the groin area. Incisional hernia, involving muscles … Read more

Yoga Pose Surya Namaskar Sun Salutation

Yoga pose Sun salutation Step by step method: Starting Position: Stand straight with your feet together and the hands by your side. Inhale deeply Position 1: As you exhale bring your hands together at the chest in the “Prayer position”. Position 2: With inhalation stretch your arms over the head and gently arch your back. … Read more

Yoga and Stress

Yoga and Stress Yoga provides a holistic approach to manage stress. It combines several stress management techniques such as breathing, meditation in addition to hatha yoga. Stress is the byproduct of the present day competitive work environment and unhealthy life style. Stress is the silent killer and affects almost all spheres of life such as … Read more

Yoga and Nervous System

Yoga and Nervous System In today’s fast changing world everyone seems to be in a race, high adrenal activities and on constant alert. By the time one reaches forty years of age one feel burnt out. We live in a sympathetic mode most of the time and our nervous system becomes overly stimulated. Prolonged stress … Read more

Yoga Pose Plank Chaturanga and Vasisthasana

The Yoga Pose Plank – (called sometimes High Chaturanga)  and Side Plank Vasisthasana The Plank Yoga posture is a good precursor to more challenging arm balances postures. In the Plank pose the body is in a straight line from the ears, through the shoulders and hips, to the heels. The body should not arch or sag. During … Read more

Yoga Pose Bridge Setu Bandhasana

Yoga Pose -The Bridge (Setu Bandhasana) The Bridge pose is also known as Setu Bandhasana, which means construction of a bridge. In this posture, the whole  body forms an arch which is supported at one end by the crown of the head and at the other on the feet, hence the name. When the Bridge … Read more

Hatha yoga poses (asanas) and benefits

Hatha yoga poses (asanas) and benefits The word Hatha means willful or forceful. Hatha Yoga came from the words “ha” which means “sun” and “tha” which means “moon. This refers to the balance of masculine aspects–active, hot, the sun–and feminine aspects–receptive, cool, the moon–within all of us. When people mention the term Yoga, they usually … Read more

Mind Relaxation techniques

Mind Relaxation techniques When the body and mind are constantly overworked, their natural efficiency decreased. A few moments of bad moods, anger, fear or irritation can consume great amount of energy leaving the person drained. Psychosomatic illness such as diabetes, hypertension, migraine etc arises from tension. If we are able to balance our tensions we … Read more