Yoga Mats

Yoga Mats -What are point I should look for before purchasing Yoga Mat?

There can be many considerations; however as per my understanding following points are most important

a) Yoga Mat should be thick enough so that when you are lying on hard surface your backbone should not touch the hard surface i.e. there should be proper cushy between your backbone and hard surface.

b) Yoga Mat should not be slippery. Your feet should not slip on the mat when you are doing yoga postures, as there may be chances that if mat is slippery, it may leads to injury.

c) Yoga mat should be sticky to the floor. It leads to more stability.

d) Material of the mat can be soft, so it can absorb the shock.

There can be other following considerations as well such as:

e)Odourless – no rubbery smell!

f) Durable construction resists tearing and perishing

g)Tested against harmful ingredients


News Related to Yoga Mats

CELEBS helping people to quit smoking by signing Yoga Mats

Want to quit smoking? The stars are behind you. About 40 celebs, including Eliza Dushku, Nicole Miller,Neve Campbell and Kelly Preston, have signed yoga mats “and put their personal messages .

Eliza Dushku, Hollywood star, yoga fanatic, and ex-smoker, is leading the mission to help Americans to get rid of this habit. More than 40 celebrities signed and donated yoga mats that include messages of encouragement for smokers trying to quit. These mats will be auctioned off on eBay with all
proceeds benefiting the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.
Yoga clothing brings flexible fashions to the mat

Yoga Mats seems to be getting expansive as well as fashionable it seems as the present trend. Designer Stella McCatney colloborate with Adidas to start a line of sportswear accessories, she put a $72 price tag — and her name in large letters — on a yoga mat.

Christy Turlington’s collection of yoga clothing has been going strong since fall 2000, when the model helped Puma create the Nuala brand — with a lotus-print tank top that sells for $45 — as “a symbiosis between the outer and inner being.”

There is abundance of designer merchandise for yoga enthusiasts who prefer a contemporary approach to ancient philosophies.

As far as clothing goes, people do not want to practices in any old T-shirt and shorts. Instead, those who practice the discipline regularly are easily drawn to — and are willing to pay for — high-performance materials with attractive designs and cuts.

Newer fabrics such as Luon are so adaptable that you can go from a hot yoga class to the store on a cold winter day without changing.
EcoYoga mats offer green option to PVC mats

Yoga is about being close to the Earth and nature. Most yoga mats in the market are made from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. According to the Green Yoga Association, the making of PVC creates dioxins, which have been found to cause cancer and reproductive disorders. These PVC mats also contain toxic additives such as lead, cadmium and phthalates which, according to the association, which are released into the air.

While these yoga mats are durable, they do get worn and dirty. And they are not biodegradable. The Green Yoga Association, however, sells mats made from the jute plant and natural rubber. Rubber is tapped from trees, like maple syrup, according to the association. And unlike other rubber mats on the market, the EcoYoga Mat contains only nontoxic, naturally occurring minerals as softeners. 

According to yoga association, the Eco Yoga Mat can be cleaned with a cloth or washed in a bathtub and air-dried.

Issued in public interest by yoga instructor Subodh Gupta. Subodh also conducts private meditation classes in London.

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