Padmasana benefits precautions, Yoga pose Lotus

Padmasana Benefits and Precautions yoga pose Lotus

Subodh Gupta Padmasana Lotus pose
Subodh Gupta Padmasana Lotus pose

Years of consistent effort may be needed to make this advanced yoga posture feasible.

In the Sanskrit language ‘Padma’ means ‘Lotus’ and in this yoga posture the position of the legs looks like a blooming lotus, hence the name.

The position of the crossed legs and the straight back keeps the mind alert and attentive, which is why the Lotus posture has been given great importance in yoga practice as it is best suited for concentration and meditation. (Please note: sitting in this position for a longer duration for many could be painful i.e. should be avoided in that case)

The Lotus pose is a wonderful yoga posture but it is not practical for most people as a meditative posture. It places a lot of stress on the knee and hip joints and should be practiced with precaution.

Padmasana Benefits

The main benefit of padmasana is that it keeps the back straight which is the main requirement in practicing meditation and reaching higher stages.

The Lotus stimulates the pelvis, spine, abdomen, and the bladder.

It helps to develop a good and confident posture.

It increases your awareness and concentration.

The sacral nerves are tones as the flow of blood to the legs is redirected to the abdominal area, stimulating the digestive process.

It applies pressure to the lower spine which has a relaxing effect on the nervous system.

It helps to keep joints flexible.

It opens up the hips joints.

Lotus is a beautiful posture with lots of benefits. However, in some health conditions, this yoga posture should not be practiced or practice with precautions.

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Precautions or limitations in case of Padmasana (Lotus Pose):

1) If you have weak or injured knees avoid doing this posture as it places lots of strain on the knees.

2) If you suffer from sciatica it is preferable to not attempt this yoga posture.

3) In the case of ankle injury do not practice this posture.

4)In the beginning, don’t practice this pose for more than a few minutes.

Caution: Always check with your doctor if you have any doubts or concerns regarding the suitability of this posture for you. It is best to perform this yoga posture in the presence of a qualified yoga teacher.

Also before practicing padmasana, I would strongly recommend gentle yoga exercise for at least 5-10 minutes and preferable sun salutation exercise too.

Issued in the interest of people practicing Hatha Yoga by celebrity yoga instructor Subodh Gupta.


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