Miss World Azra Akin secrets to stay slim

Azra Akin Miss World 2002 – secrets to stay slim

Azra Akin Miss World for Obesity Campaign UK    

In 1998, at the age of 17, Akın was selected Elite Model of Turkey.

In 2002, Akın won Star TV’s Miss Turkey and she represented Turkey in the Miss World beauty pageant which was held on December 7, 2002 at Alexandra Palace, London, which she also won.

In 2003, Akın won a gold medal when she participated in the British reality TV show The Games. Akın has acted in many TV series and film and speaks fluent Dutch, Turkish and English.

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(1Q) Hobbies?

My hobbies are fine arts, music, dancing and drawing.

(2Q) Did you ever felt discouraged in life and if yes, what thoughts made you recover?

I started to feel discouraged in a period of less work coming my way. The unpredictability of work is a par of my job. I tried to talk about it and I soon saw an opportunity to learn something important. I tried to look inside and improve my self-understanding. To be happy and inner peace, despite life turning out different then you planned has been an important lesson for me.

In the period that work did not come very frequent, I tried to think that life is made of ups and downs and this was a chance for me to grow. I tried to look inside and first be happy with myself. Even everything goes wrong, when I manage to be happy with myself and maintain my inner peace, ups and downs of life affects me fewer and it improves my self- understanding. If you are comfortable in your own skin, you completely accept yourself both the good and bad and bigger problems become tiny ones.

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(3Q) Please share with us your secret of staying in top shape?

I love dancing, one of the reasons I prefer to go to stretch classes that are based on classical ballet. It gives me a total workout without getting bored. I also love swimming and I would like to start practicing yoga.

(4Q) Please tell us about your normal diet (eg. generally what do you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Breakfast varies from milk with cereals to bread with cheese, vegetables to fruit with yogurt. On any Sunday I will have a big Turkish breakfast.

I make sure I have my meals at regular times, 2-3 hours in between them. Usually at lunch and dinner I have protein with vegetables and whole grain bread. I try to change what I eat everyday. It also depends on physical activity, at the times when I feel like indulging in pizza, ice-cream, I do.

(5Q) Could you please tell us about your workout routine.

Actually it depends on my projects. Nowadays the Turkish version of Dancing With The Stars takes nearly most of my time. Every week we perform a different kind of dance and we make practices with our dancing coaches for the weekend’s show.

(6Q) How have you motivated yourself so long to eat healthy in daily life?

I think it comes from my childhood. I would eat meals my parents would prepare, which had a rich variety of food. In our culture we are used to eat lots of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, bread etc. It is a life style to eat healthy. It provides my energy and happiness. 

Thank you very much for your time Azra. 🙂

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