Yoga Hernia and Madonna

Yoga, Hernia, and Madonna

Hernia -A hernia is defined as ‘the protrusion of an internal organ through a weakness in the muscle around it’. The weakness in question may be present at birth or acquired later in life.

Common examples include:

  • Inguinal hernia and femoral hernia, both involving the groin area.
  • Incisional hernia, involving muscles at the site of a previous operation.
  • Periumbilical hernia, which develops around the navel.
  • A hernia is usually treated surgically to repair the opening caused by the weakened muscle or tissue  – What causes a hernia?

Anything which increases pressure on the stomach muscles can lead to a tear. This includes heavy lifting, coughing, straining on the toilet or vigorous exercise.

Are Hernia serious risk to health?

Hernia is quite painful and there is a danger that the tissue that has fallen through the muscle wall can get strangulated. This means it gets stuck and its blood supply is cut off.

In this case, emergency surgery is necessary before the tissue starts to die.

Hatha Yoga exercises like Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar, Locust pose or Salabhasana, Bow pose or Dhanurasana and Kapalabhati few to name are not recommended if somebody is diagnosed with hernia. The practitioners need to understand that their ignorance and lack of yoga knowledge may lead them straight into an operation room.

Energizing Yoga, the oldest system of personal development needs no introduction nowadays and is becoming popular all over the world because of its tremendous physical and medical benefits. People are practicing yoga exercises in millions all over the world, thanks to the media which is highlighting the benefits of yoga for general public.

However, like every other science, yoga is also a precise science. The question is: ‘Are all yoga exercises safe to be practiced by all people with various health conditions?’

“This is the question which requires deeper digging into the subject of yoga itself, otherwise the consequences of doing yoga practice could be more dangerous than beneficial” said Subodh Gupta, the Yoga expert from India.

“While some of the yoga exercises can be taught easily without much complication and have various benefits, others can be very dangerous for people who are having a problem of Hernia. For example, the yoga exercises such as Sun Salutation, Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana, Locust pose, Bow pose, Standing Forward Bend and Kapalabhati few to name are strictly not recommended if somebody is diagnosed with a hernia as these exercises may make the hernia problem worse” said Subodh Gupta, the Yoga expert based in London.

Considering the fact that over half a million hernia operations were performed in the United States last year and more than 2 percent of British people are affected by a hernia, the question to ask is if all yoga practitioners are aware of their health condition and precautions before beginning the Yoga exercise. Madonna, the famous singer who practices Ashtanga yoga regularly recently had an operation for a hernia ( Ashtanga yoga exercise series is a system developed by Mysore-based famous Indian Yoga guru Shri K Pattabhi Jois ).

In fact, the famous Ashtanga yoga series which involves jumping can be very dangerous for people who are having problem of Hernia” according to Subodh Gupta. A hernia develops when the outer layers of the abdominal wall weaken, bulge or actually rip. Among many reasons for a hernia the most common are straining due to jumping, defecation, coughing, lifting heavy objects, etc.

‘Are yoga practitioners listening precautions before starting their yoga practice?’. The practitioners need to understand that their ignorance and lack of yoga knowledge may lead them straight into an operation room” said Subodh Gupta.

A noble effort has been done by some of the renowned yoga gurus from India and the teachers from the West to spread the awareness of yoga but unless Yoga exercises are done with precautions, more and more people will get injured without realizing.

Issued in public interest by celebrity yoga instructor Subodh Gupta, for all those who are learning yoga without taking precautions.

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