Yoga pose sarvangasana shoulder stand benefits & precautions

Yoga Sarvangasana Shoulder stand Subodh Gupta
Yoga Sarvangasana Shoulder stand Subodh Gupta

Yoga Pose Shoulder stand (Sarvangasana)

The Shoulder stand is an inverted Yoga pose, called the queen of the asanas (Yoga pose).

The Shoulder stand reverse the action of gravity on the body. It gives a rich supply of blood to the brain, nourishing the neurons.The breath becomes slow and deep, maximizing the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen.

The Shoulder stand yoga posture nourishes the thyroid gland which: regulates the body’s metabolism, controls the heart rate, promotes the growth and balances the digestive and nervous system. It massages the abdominal organs and it relieves stress. Because of the enriched blood flow to the brain it also relieves emotional and mental stress, headaches and it is very tranquilizing.

This Yoga asana should be performed with the utmost care.

Inhale – while lifting your legs up
Exhale – while lowering your legs down
Breathe slowly in the final position

1) Yoga pose Shoulder stand -Step by step:

Lie flat on the floor with legs straight.
Press your lower back against the floor.
With inhalation lift your straight legs up to a right angle.
Raise your hips off the floor by pushing down on your arms and hands to help you with the lift.
Support your back with your hands.
Straighten your body and walk your hands down your back.
Your body is supported by the shoulders, neck and back of the head.
When you have completed the posture the pressure from the entire body is pushing against your chin.
Your whole body is engaged; legs are vertical, together and in a straight line with the trunk.
Breathe slowly and deeply.
To return to the starting position bring your legs 45 degrees behind the back of your head.
Place your arms on the floor beside your body with palms facing down.
Then lower yourself down keeping your legs straight.
The whole movement should be with control so that your body contacts the floor slowly and gently.
Relax in Shavasana.

It stimulates the thyroid gland
It relieves mental and emotional stress
It tones the legs and abdomen
It improves the flexibility of the neck
It gives a gentle massage to the heart
Regular practice helps to prevent cough, cold and flu

Issued in public interest by Subodh Gupta Celebrity Yoga Instructor based in London


Like every other science, Yogasana (yoga) is a science that benefits most when one follows it under right health conditions. The same yoga posture may benefits some people and may be harmful for other depending upon your body health conditions.

If you have High Blood Pressure or heart ailments, the posture is better to avoid. Anyone who has Cervical Spondylitis should not attempt to practice this pose because as you hold the pose the weight of the body is taken through the neck.

If you have Glaucoma or Detached Retina, avoid the Shoulder stand as it could worsen the condition. Issued in interest of people practicing Yoga by Subodh Gupta.


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