Should I meditate with open eyes?

Should I meditate with open eyes, explained by Yoga Meditation teacher Subodh Gupta. Ideally one should meditate with closed eyes because if your eyes are open, your mind will be wondering outside and the whole purpose of meditation is to bring our awareness inside and observe inside realities as it is. Related Meditation Articles: Benefits … Read more

How long should I Meditate?

How long should I meditate, explained by Yoga Meditation teacher Subodh Gupta. Well the simple answer, in summary, is that you should meditate whenever you find the time and as much as you can do because meditation has enormous benefits at both the physical and mental level.   The very first thing you need to remember … Read more

Should I use music to meditate?

Should we use music to meditate, explained by yoga, meditation teacher Subodh Gupta Music is good to relax however for meditation it is best to use our own breath as a tool because it is universal and not connected with any religion and it is available everywhere beside with our breath we are observing truth … Read more

Do I have to sit in lotus position to meditate?

Do we have to sit in the lotus position to meditate explained by yoga meditation teacher Subodh Gupta. You don’t have to sit in Lotus Pose position to meditate. In fact, most people would find very difficult to sit in Lotos Pose for a longer duration. What is important during meditation is that your back and … Read more

What is Buddhism?

What is Buddhism? Buddhism is often meant or associated with religion or philosophy which supposedly includes spiritual practices largely based on teachings of Buddha, however, it is very important to note here is that Buddha never formed Buddhism as Buddha was never interested in religion or philosophy. Buddha was not a name of a person … Read more

Meditation is the best mental health support solution

Meditation is the only and best possible proactive solution for all kinds of mental health issues. Most of the solution by the so-called modern day mental health expert or stress counsellor don’t help permanently or don’t help effectively because they are trying to tackle the problem only at the surface level. However, the problem lies … Read more

Mindfulness Meditation practice session 10 min

We have often heard that only a healthy body can have a healthy mind, however, vice a verse is truer. Our state of mind directly affects our body function, health, and our productivity. As we do regular hatha yoga to keep our body healthy, similarly we need to do a regular meditation exercise to keep our … Read more

Meditation may reduce heart disease risk

Black adolescents with high normal blood pressure who practice transcendental meditation improve the ability of their blood vessels to relax and may reduce their risk of becoming adults with cardiovascular disease, researchers say. After eight months of meditation, these adolescents experienced a 21 percent increase in the ability of their blood  vessels to dilate compared … Read more