Hugh Grant, Stress & Scientific Yoga solution

Hugh Grant, Stress and Scientific Yoga

Stress is the kind of feeling or disharmony which develops when we do not achieve what we want.

Stress can be both good and bad, however too much of stress over a period of time can affect the health and can be the major reason for extreme agitation or worry, irritation, insomnia, high blood pressure, headache, etc.

According to The Globe magazine, recently a famous Hollywood actor Mr Hugh Grant has admitted that he is a ‘nervous wreck’ before he takes on a new role and has tried everything to calm the jitters. He said “The bigger the budget is, the more they’re paying you, the more nervous you get as an actor,”.

Hugh Grant added that “I’ve tried everything. Yoga, breathing techniques, every pill you can imagine, both chemical and herbal. Nothing has really worked. All of them (were) utterly useless.”

There are various Yoga style and it can be a possibility that Hugh Grant may have tried only one or two famous style of yoga which may not have suits his personality, however, I can guarantee that if Hugh Grant try Scientific Yoga style even for a week, he will be out of his nervous wreck situation.

Modern medicine can’t provide effective treatment to the stress because the real problem doesn’t lie inside the physical body. It originates from the mind, and then disturbs our energy level and finally appears on our physical level in the form of a disease.

Scientific Yoga provides a holistic and effective approach to manage stress. The major benefit of scientific yoga is that it combines the practices of several stress management techniques.

The approach of Scientific Yoga to manage stress is multidimensional. It not only helps on physical level but also releases stress at the level of mind and improves the energy level of a practitioner. Anybody can get rid of their worry, irritation, insomnia, high blood pressure, headache or being a nervous wreck by simply following scientific yoga in authentic form.

Issued in public interest by celebrity yoga trainer, Subodh Gupta.

Subodh Gupta is an author of numerous books on yoga, weight loss and stress management. He has been interviewed by various TV channels and his views and articles appear regularly in magazines and newspapers in India and the UK.

Subodh Gupta conducts yoga, weight loss, nutrition and stress management counseling sessions with the help of palm reading for a number of celebrities in London.

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