Why Buddha didn’t liberate everyone

Buddha Teachings in English

There is absolutely no doubt that Lord Buddha Siddharth Gautam Buddha possessed all the supernatural powers and was fully Enlightened.

Buddha did help millions of people to liberate but still, sometimes this question comes to mind why Buddha didn’t use his supernatural powers and why Buddha didn’t liberate everyone?

Above videos explain in detail.

In Bhagwan Buddha teachings, it is believed that all beings have the potential to attain enlightenment and
liberation from suffering provided they understood the vipassana meditation technique property and work towards liberation.

However, the Buddha’s teachings are not always immediately accessible or understandable to everyone,
and it is up to each individual to put in the effort to study and practice the teachings in order to gain insight and understanding.

The Buddha’s teachings emphasize the importance of individual effort and responsibility in the process of spiritual development.

It is up to each individual to take responsibility for their own spiritual growth and to make the necessary effort to cultivate the qualities of wisdom and compassion that are necessary for enlightenment.