Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga London

Sienna Miller started yoga to help her during pregnancy.

The regular practice of yoga before, during and after pregnancy is very helpful. Before pregnancy practice of yoga is the ideal preparation.

However during and after pregnancy the practice of hatha yoga (understood as physical exercise)should be very gentle.

When we talk about about yoga it does not only mean physical exercise, it also include breathing exercise such as Anuloma Viloma without breath retention, meditation and scientific sleep.

During and after pregnancy the practice of yoga can include gentle yoga, breathing (without breath retention), meditation and relaxation exercise.

Practice of yoga includes following benefits during pregnancy:

It helps in relieving back pain.
It develops positive attitude which can help to cope with anxiety and fear of
It improves blood circulation.
It improves digestion system.
It controls excessive weight gain.
It prevents dropping shoulders which often develops during pregnancy.

Precaution during Pregnancy

It is advisable that woman should consult doctor before starting any exercise or
yoga in following symptoms:
(a) A history of premature labour
(b) Expecting twins or triplets
(c) Hypertension- high blood pressure
(d) Thyroid disease
(e) Severely under or overweight
(f) Diabetes/ Epilepsy/Asthama
(g) Anaemia or other blood disorder
(h) Ruptured membranes
(i) Heart problem
(j) Deep clots in legs
(k) Sudden swelling of hands, ankles or face
(l) Abdominal pain

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Note: The hatha yoga poses which are normally taught in general group yoga classes are different from pregnancy yoga poses. In case of pregnancy, either one should join yoga classes which are ONLY meant for pregnancy or hire experience private yoga trainer.

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