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Pineapple good for cough, asthma and tuberculosis

Pineapple juice benefits for cough, asthma
Pineapple juice benefits for cough, asthma

Pineapple is considered excellent for treating cough, asthma and tuberculosis as nutrients in pineapple can help soothe symptoms of a cough and dissolve mucus.

Benefits of pineapple:
Pineapple juice contains enzymes called bromelain, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties and can help with respiratory problems which are because of allergies and asthma. Pineapple because of its mucolytic properties can help break up and expel mucus.

In addition to helping treating cough, pineapple juice anti-inflammatory properties can help treat pain and swelling in osteoarthritis and sports injuries. The bromelain responsible for some of these benefits can also act as a potential anti-cancer agent. The vitamin C can also help prevent cataract development and heart disease.

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Pineapple juice has:

High levels of vitamin C to support the immune system and eyesight
Manganese, to prevent cell damage and aging
Anti-inflammatory properties of bromelain
Beta carotene, copper, zinc, and folate, which can boost fertility.

It is said that a mixture of pineapple juice, honey, salt, and pepper can reduce cough symptoms up to five times faster than average cough syrup.

1 cup pineapple juice
Around 1/16th tbs of salt
1/16th tbs of pepper
1 1/2 tbsp. honey
Drink 1/4 cup up to three times per day.

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Foods to avoid when you have a cough
Milk and milk based products along with processed foods and fried foods.

Side effects: People who have a pineapple allergy, or are allergic to other tropical fruits, may avoid drinking pineapple juice.


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