Buddha stories How you make Friends

Once Buddha was explaining to various Monks how in our life we make friends.

Buddha gave many examples such as Venerable Sariputra who was walking on the mountain along with some Monks and all those who were walking with Sariputra were experts in supreme knowledge just like Sari Putra.

Similarly, Buddha explains that all those walking with Devadutta are those who have many impurities.

So Buddha explains that in this world we make friends according to our qualities or past sanskaras.
In the teachings of the Buddha, friendship is seen as an important factor in leading a happy and fulfilling life.

According to the Buddha, good friends, or “Kalyana mitta” in Pali, are those who are supportive, honest, and respectful. They encourage us to follow the path of virtue and wisdom and help us to overcome difficulties and challenges.

The Buddha taught us that sharing our resources and helping others can strengthen our friendships. By being generous and supportive, we can build trust and create a deeper connection with others.

Communicate openly and honestly: In the Buddha’s teachings, honesty and open communication are essential for building and maintaining strong friendships. By being honest and genuine, we can create a sense of trust and understanding with others.