Swine flu and Natural Herbs

Natural Herbs to Fight Back Swine flu

To prevent the Swine flu and fight back this disease in addition to your regular allopathic medicine treatment:

(a) Include ayurvedic herbs such as Neem, Tulsi, Onion and Garlic in your daily diet to prevent and fight against deadly flu. Indian Ayurvedic herbs are famous all over the world over thousands of years for their medicinal properties.

Neem: It possesses antidiabetic, antibacterial and antipyretic (fever reducing) properties. Neem is used for a wide range of ailments including flu, fever, sore throat, cold, fungal infections, skin diseases, malaria and many more ailments.

Basil (Tulsi): Tulsi is worshipped in India as the most purest and most sublime plant. Tulsi is used for treating skin disorders. It is a blood purifier and kills bacteria.

Onion: It contains many antiviral chemicals. It can be used in cooking whenever possible and have numerous health benefits.

Garlic: It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Garlic, has long list of benefits when it comes to remedy. It is beneficial in ulcers, skin infections, flu, blood thinning, colds, and ear aches, to name a few.

(b) Cut all kinds of meat products.

(c) Increase the component of vegetarian food in your diet.

One can get all kind of nutrients necessary for the human body from vegetarian food and at the same time one can stay healthy. I cannot overemphasize the point that meat is certainly not good for the human health. If we are eating meat regularly, there is a very high possibility that we will gain weight and by product will be the diseases such as Swine flu.

Your right decision would certainly help you to stay healthy forever.

Please note that the above suggestions will help to prevent flu and are supplement to your current allopathic treatment if at all you are going through Swine flu. You need to consult your ayurvedic doctor to find out in what quantity you need to take these natural herbs.

Issued in public interest by Subodh Gupta Celebrity Yoga Instructor in Chelsea, Kensington London.

Subodh Gupta is also the author of the book “7 food habits for weight loss forever”. http://www.subodhgupta.

He has been interviewed by various TV channels and his views and articles appear regularly in magazines and newspapers in India and the UK. Subodh Gupta is based in London (UK) and conducts private yoga, weight loss, nutrition and stress counselling sessions for number of celebrities.