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Jennifer Aniston reveals her Anti-Aging secrets

Jennifer Aniston seems to be growing younger as she grows old. Even in her mid forties she looks fabulous because of her active lifestyle.

Jennifer Aniston diet and weight loss tips
Jennifer Aniston diet and weight loss tips

To maintain fabulous body, commitment and discipline is absolutely essential. Jennifer admitted that fact and mentioned that “I always maintain a healthy regimen in terms of diet and exercise. It’s pretty much been a part of my daily routine for years now so its second nature to me,”.

According to Jennifer “drinking plenty of water, eating well, working out and taking care of her skin are her anti-aging secrets”.


She said “I start everyday with a good, solid breakfast,”. “I like to meditate every day for even just a few minutes. It helps clear the mind. I take a good multivitamin every day as well.”  

I suggested Jennifer about meditation to keep botox away some time back when she mentioned in her interview to Harper Bazar that she is open for botox to get rid of wrinkles.

Jennifer also believe low-carb diet and hatha yoga workouts plays an important role to keep her body toned.  According to Jennifer her workout routine includes cardio exercise and strength training and she mix it up with Yoga and low weight training,”.  

When practiced regularly, yoga benefits are incredible indeed ranging from Flexibility and strength, strengthen muscles and ligaments ,good posture and better look, firm tone muscle, bright eyes and clear complexion contribute to the radiant appearance of the person. 

“Most nights I have protein and veggies for dinner and a chopped salad (no tomatoes) for lunch.” Finally, Aniston said getting plenty of rest and relaxation are critical for anti-aging good health. 

Issued in public interest by Subodh Gupta Celebrity Yoga Instructor based in Chelsea, Kensington London. Subodh also facilitates stress counseling in London with the help of palm reading


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