Buddha Story 3: Magical event on the birth of Siddharth Gautama

Do you know in the previous life just before being born as Buddha, Buddha was born in the Tusita Deva Loka? (celestial plane)
as the glorious deva Setaketu?

In the previous episode, we learned the ten paramies or good qualities which are absolutely essential before anyone becomes fully liberated.
Now in this episode, we are going to learn some of the magical events which occurred during the time of the birth of Gautama Buddha.

Buddha was the son of Maya-Devi, the queen of King Suddhodana of Kapilavatthu, a place near modern Nepal.

Around 624 B.C. King Suddhodana ruled the kingdom of Sakya. He had two queens: the chief queen was Mahamaya and the younger queen was Mahapajapata Gotami, the sister of Mahamaya.

When the time of Buddha’s birth was coming near, queen Mahamaya expressed her desire to go to the place of her own parents for the event.
However, on the way, a halt was made at the Lumbini Grove and all of a sudden queen gave birth to a son who was to become the All-Enlightened Buddha.

At the time of the birth of Siddhartha Gautam, the Universe was filled with thirty-two wonderful phenomena that an ordinary person can term as magical.

All material worlds were shaken up. There were special lights in the solar system. The magical impact was all the deaf and dumb were cured & all the beings of the material planes could see each other.

Celestial Deva Loka angel’s plane music was heard everywhere, and so on. And there was happiness in all the deva loka or celestial plane.

In the next episode, we would learn about Buddha Story 4: The Monk who smiled & then cried after meeting baby Buddha.