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Subodh Gupta London
Subodh Gupta London
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Marie Claire June 2009  
Subodh Gupta Interview on Yoga

Feature about Subodh Gupta
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A Review by Indiatimes.com about Subodh Gupta
(A Time of India Group's web portal)
Subodh Gupta
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About Scientific Yoga and Subodh Gupta
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Subodh Gupta
Subodh Gupta
Subodh Gupta

DIABETES & YOGA   published in
 ( January 2005 edition)

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YOGA & DIGESTION  published in
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Article by Subodh Gupta
Article Published in Medical News Today
Yoga and Obesity

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Testimonials from various other Corporate Yoga Workshops

"... (the) Session was excellent"
Mr Bharat Moossaddoe
Finance Director, Delphi Automation, Gurgaon

"For the first time... I can experience the relaxation
after many years of practicing yoga"
Mr S.C. Garg
Chief Public Prosecutor, Patiala House Court, New Delhi

"the learning process was totally relaxing and quite educative"
Mr Param Oberoi
CEO, Seagram India Ltd., New Delhi

"Very good educative experience"
Mr Sudhir Gupta
General Manager, MTNL

"Workshop is a practical and enjoying experience"
Mr T.R.Mirwani
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Delhi Police

"I  could not imagine that it can be so good . I enjoyed a lot"
Ms Madhu Juneja
Journalist Jain Television

"Great Methodology"
Mr Gautam Vohra                                                                       
Assistant Manager - Legal, The Times of India Group

"Workshop was very good. Such type of session must be
continued for relaxing and reducing stress in society
Mr Lal Chand                                                                                           
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Delhi Police

A very good experiential session"
Mr V.Neelakantan
Manager- Finance, The Times of India Group

Refreshing and Energetic"
Mr Anantharaman Mani
Manager, The Times of India Group

"Very good session"
Mr Nirmal Nigam
Deputy Manager BCCL - The Times of India Group

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The Complete Wellbeing Feb 07

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A Review about Subodh Gupta
Relationship Counselling workshops
by London paper
Times Foundation                                
(The Times of India Group Initiative)
presents  Subodh Gupta
as a Stress Management Trainer
Times Foundation                                                     
(The Times of India Group Initiative) presents  
Subodh Gupta as a Holistic Health Consultant
Times Foundation                                
(The Times of India Group Initiative)
presents  Subodh Gupta

Subodh Gupta
Interviewed in the AOL  Living section

Natural Health UK November 2009
Subodh Gupta Yoga Confession
Subodh Gupta views in Indiatimes
Subodh's Book "Stress
Management A Holistic
Approach" review by
Anna from Miss Eco Glam
Mid Day Newspaper
About Subodh Gupta             
views on Baba Ramdev
I was suffering from serious stress, when I started learning from Subodh.

In Just a few session I feel more alive, peaceful and positive.

I highly recommend his personal style to anyone who is serious about learning Yoga.

Hi, My name is Velika. I am suffering from terrible headaches, constant pressure on my head and
neck for 24hours/7 days a week. This last for almost 2 years, and I have been contacting so
many doctors but unfortunately none of them could really solve the problem.

Everybody recommend Yoga to me, so one day I searched the internet and found Mr. Subodh
Gupta website and I made an appointment. All I can really say is that he is really excellent yoga
teacher with enormous sense of humor. Its really big pleasure and enjoyment doing yoga with

The exercise we were doing really help me a lot and not to forget the last relaxation exercise
(Scientific Sleep) after that I feel like a new person, relaxed, happy with smile and less headache.
After every session, I feel very relieved . I am in very big hope that my headache will go away
and I can say big thank you to Mr. Subodh Gupta.
Stress Counseling London
    Subodh Gupta on national TV debate
    on the TIMES NOW TV news channel
"Fatwa over hatha yoga surya namaskar"