Stress Management

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Stress Counselling London

A warm welcome from Subodh Gupta, trainer and author of the best selling book Stress Management a Holistic Approach“.

Subodh have over 15 years counselling & training experience.

Specialist areas include;

  • Stress Management,
  • Depression,
  • Anxiety,
  • Relationships,
  • Life Coaching and
  • Eating Disorders.

We provide:

(a)Single session therapy (£90 for 45 min session)

(b)3 weeks personal Stress Counseling program in London ( £1400 for 3 week
personalised program
)  No matter where you stand in your life, within 3 weeks time we will
show you the way out of your stressful situation and help you to get out of it.


How 3 weeks Stress Counselling program works:

The program is totally practical where you hit the ground running from the first session. The
program involves active interaction, discussion and yoga relaxation techniques. The program is
systematically designed to identify the cause, plan and action thereafter in a holistic way.

Contact us at 07867384541 (Payment by Cheque, Paypal or Online Bank Transfer)