art of breathing
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Art of Breathing for Stress Free Life

Art of Breathing for Stress Free life

“Have you ever wondered, why the speech of one speaker may
thrill the audience,
while the speech of another…………..….”

This book is ideal for busy people who lead hectic life style.

The simple breathing technique described in this book will help
you to reduce your
stress level and you will feel the difference by practicing 10 min
every day.

Page 56
ISBN 978-1-84799-047-1
Library of Congress Control Number : 2007907962

Valuable & to the point breathing techniques to reduce stress in short time. This book is must for
the corporate
                        ---- Yogesh Garg, Chairman, Infraline Energy Research and Information Services

This book gives important information about how correct breathing pattern can improve our overall
health.  Anyone who reads it can benefit by applying this knowledge in their daily life

                  ---- Simon Sen, General Manager, Greenwich leisure limited