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                                                  Thyroid and weight loss

The thyroid is a small but very important gland and is located in the lower part of
our neck.

The function of this thyroid gland is to secrete hormones and these hormones
deliver energy to cells of our body.

There are number of problems that can develop in the thyroid which include:

Hypothyroidism -- An underactive thyroid.
Hyperthyroidism -- An overactive thyroid.
Goiter -- An enlarged thyroid.
Thyroiditis -- Inflammation of the thyroid etc.

According to one estimate about 27 million Americans have thyroid disease, and
more than half are undiagnosed.
Women are seven times more at risk as compared to men in developing thyroid

Thyroid disease affects almost every aspect of health, so proper funtionning of
this gland can help us to gain good health.  

Malfunctioning of thyroid can leads to several problems and weight gain is just one
of them.